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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rozita Che Wan Bertudung. Fall in love with Nurul Ain Abd Salam's blog

This Chinese New Year holiday, i just alone in my house for almost one week, since my housemates balik kampung masing-masing.

While searching for my new business products and looking for attractive blog to stalk, i fall in love with Nurul Ain Abd Salam's blog. 

Before this i already read Cik Epal's entry "Rozita Che Wan bertudung" if i not mistaken. Tapi, masa tue tak rasa pape pun, cuma deep in heart said, "This girl is beautiful". That's it. Tak terlintas plak nak view blog dia. 

Anyway, for me you are beautiful Malay girl and become more and more famous. Like your 'kebudak-budakan' entry. Bersahaja dan be yourself. Ia membuatkan CP lagi nak baca and become addict to view your blog every moments.  

p/s: You know what? You are from Terengganu,rite? While i'm proud to be Kelantanese.

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