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Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Severe drought in the End Times is a portent that the system of the Dajjal has moved to attack Islam

There will never have been such terrible corruption as that of the Dajjal since Allah created the Prophet Adem. (Signs of Qiyamah, Expanded 8th edition, p. 225)

Our Prophet (saas) has informed us that one of the portents of the appearance of the Messiah Dajjal and that his system has moved to attack Islam will be a severe drought and thirst that will be experienced at that time. There is a strong probability that it is today’s climate change and the beginning of a terrible drought to which our Prophet (saas) refers in the hadith. And Allah knows best.

This is how our Prophet (saas) describes the course of the drought, a sign of the Dajjal’s assault in the End Times:

The sky will keep back its rain for three years before the appearance of the Dajjal. In the first year it will hold back one-third of the normal rain and send down two-thirds. The earth will fail to yield one third of its crops. In the second year it will not allow two-thirds of the normal rain to fall. The earth will fail to yield two-thirds of its crops. And in the third year, it will stop all rain entirely, and the earth will yield no harvest. (Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, at-Tabarani, A History of the Future 3, p. 241)

Throughout the course of history deniers have engaged in a ruthless assault on prophets, messengers and believers in all periods. The attack that the system of the Dajjal will wage against Islam and the faithful in the End Times, the climate of chaos and corruption, will be of a hitherto unseen dimension. However, the system of the Dajjal has been created in such a way that its defeat is inevitable. By Allah’s leave, the snares of the deniers can never be successful, and the faithful will be under the protection of Allah in the End Times.

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