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Friday, June 19, 2009

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) International Business (BM226)


This three–year programme is specially designed for students who are interested to venture into the field of international business. The programme equips students with a diverse range of knowledge on how industries and government operate in the global marketplace, as well as practical skills to prepare graduates for the demands of tomorrow’s business world.


Graduates can expect to find employment at multinational corporations, at home and abroad, in the field of international trade, global marketing, business management and business consultancy.


Three years (full time)


Admission of students is twice a year. Applications may be made:
1. Through the Unit Pusat Universiti (UPU) – June
2. Direct to Universiti Teknologi MARA – November

This programme is offered at Shah Alam and Malacca campuses.


Minimum qualification for STPM candidates:
1. Passed SPM or its equivalent with credits in English and Mathematics, as well as a pass in Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia.

2. STPM, passed in General Paper and a pass in two (2) other subjects with a CGPA of 2.67 including Accountancy/Economics/Business.

3. Have taken the MUET.

1. Possess a Diploma from UiTM or other institutions recognized by the Malaysian government with a minimum CGPA of 2.60. Candidates who do not comply would need to have at least two (2) years working experience.

2. Have taken the MUET.

3. Credits in Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia.


In the first two semester of the programme, students will undertake a range of basic business courses enabling them to acquire the necessary fundamentals of business. Courses include Economics, Business Law, Accounting, Principles of Marketing and Management, Human Resource Management or Operations Management. In addition, students will be required to take courses in Information Technology and Quantitative Business Analysis. Students also have the opportunity to learn a third language. A range of personal skills courses including public speaking, interviews and job correspondence are taught to prepare graduates to enter business and management careers.

Students can undertake major studies in international business and electives, depending on their career interests, in the third, fourth and fifth semesters. The coursework in the major studies take on an international approach. Modules include International Business, International Accounting, International Economics, Global Marketing, International Management, International Banking and Investment, Strategic Management, Issues in International Business and International Financial Management.

Electives offered encompass diverse business–related disciplines such as Change Management, Islamic Business Transactions, Organizational Behavior, Physical Supply and Distribution, Services Marketing, E–Business, Quality Management and Futures and options.

In the last semester of the programme, students are required to undergo a 3–month practical training in the industry of their choice. This provides a real context for the courses studied in the programme with the valuable experience of working within a business organization.

Candidates are assessed through tests, project papers, assignments, class participation and final examinations.


Mighty MS said...

huuhu nampaknya cik nureen sdg bersemangt mengkaji kos yg bakal diambil bmula sem jul-nov 2009 ini..bagus2 tahniah ye kpd adik nureen kite...:)

nureen said...

bnda ni dh lm da ada kt dlm lptp ak,cuma xpublish je la kak mun...bkn pe, terasa bangunan 16 tngkt 2 tgh melambai2 kt nureen.hehe

Mighty MS said...

wah...gelombang jihad utk stadi!!!YA ALLAH!! kami mohon dengan sangat2 supaya Engkau kuatkan iman ini untuk trus menuntut ilmu dan menyumbang utk ummah ini!! Jadikan kami generasi soleh wa musleh (yang baik dan membaikkan )

nureen said...

mstilh...pjlnnku bgelar m/siswi msh jauh sih!!bkn tkt 2 thn utk degree ni je.i need 2 cont. 4 d next stage da..pray 4 me ya,kak mun!!


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