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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cinta sofea

Cinta Sofea (Sofia’s Love) is a Malay novel. I just finish reading it. I love the plots of this novel. It’s about Khadijah and Mukhriz who are Malaysian student further their studies in Japan. Mukhriz falling in love with Khadijah when he was interviewed by Khadijah when he being the best Debater. Both of them had their usrah (family) in Japan and held other Islamic programs with others Muslim and Muslimah in Japan. Although Mukhriz had told how much he likes Khadijah, Khadijah still refused to accept Mukhriz as a special person in her life. But, soon after Khadijah, Kak Fida and Mukhriz had a discussion, Khadijah accept Mukhriz’s lamaran to be his wife.

After reading this novel, I feel missed someone – a guy...but whom? I don’t have any special person in my life. But I still happy, because I have a happy family, good friends and my life in this university. I also have ALLAH S.W.T as my god. ALLAHUAKHBAR!! I don’t to fall in love before I had married. InsyaALLAH. All that had been a history in my life as a girl – teenager. I just want to think about my study, finished my diploma next year and further my study in degree in international business.

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